Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Potting Training

This past Saturday, I decided I was going to potty train Isabel. We went to buy Dora underwear, and began the process. One by one she would say "potty, oh man" as she would wet herself. And at one point pooped on herself. I would put her on the potty after each incident. After the 5 time, she refused to sit on the potty. So I gave up. I put on the pull ups and she would tell me after she went each time. Last night we were in bed and she says "potty, mama mama pottyyyy"... I waited a while and she said it again. So I said "you need to go to the potty?" "Yes", she replies so off we go. I pull off her diaper, feel it, and it's dry. I sit her on the seat and to my amazment she goes. I was shocked. I cheered and clapped. Then she asks"more?" Yes more more, so she continues to go. "More?" Yes more. "I can't" So I walk out of the room to get a pull up and she yells "I'm done!"
I knew she could do it, it was just a matter of her deciding when. I will keep you posted on her progress.

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veritas said...

hurrah! good for you! =)